About Alix

I am an artist and illustrator.  As a child, I loved to draw pictures and makeup stories. My dream ever since I was a child was to write and illustrate children’s picture books.

I wrote my very first book, Tutu the Little Fawn, when I was 8 years old.

It’s a story about a fawn who is frustrated because his horns won’t grow. Tutu questions a beetle, a snail, a cow and a great horned owl, “how did you make your horns grow so big”. He gets advice from all these animals and in the end he realizes he just needs to be patient. When Tutu awakes from his sleep he gets a surprise.

I was inspired to write this story because of my love for animals and because I wanted to write about being patient, realizing growing up takes longer than you think and worrying and complaining does not help.

I grew up on a nut ranch in California, almonds and walnuts and a nutty family. I was one of four girls, so my dad put us to work in the orchards driving tractor and any other job he could find.

As a kid I would play in the orchards, we had lots of animals and barns to explore, fueling my imagination and storytelling.

I graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a BFA in Applied Art and Design. Over the next five years I held design positions in Monterey and San Francisco for Sunset Magazine, Chronicle Books and Digital Research among others.

After a 17-year career in technology I returned to my art.

I started painting home portraits to preserve memories of older homes in my neighborhood. My first home portrait was a gift to a friend and neighbor, from this gift my commissions grew.

I took a break from home portraits and took a class in Illustrating Children’s Books renewing my childhood dream of writing and illustrating children’s picture books. I discovered SCBWI and the community of fellow illustrators and writers in the Pacific Northwest.

Today, I live and work in the lakeside community of Kirkland near Seattle Washington with my husband, two hens; Amber and Sunny and two cats; Ollie and Pugno. When I’m not working on an illustration, I am journaling, basket weaving, boating, hiking and paddle boarding in the Pacific Northwest.

My favorite medium is collage. I create my own colored paper with acrylic paint on tracing paper. It starts with a drawing, then using my colored paper, I make my illustrations. I enjoy bold illustrations and bright colors. I also work in watercolor and pen and ink.

You can check out my portfolio here